I have developed a new search engine for Wikipedia, which can be tried at www.wikisandy.org, how can I get people to try it out?
It looks an interesting project. I don’t quite understand what its doing so the explanatory text might help.To gather some input I would first try the village pumps. Wikipedia:Village pump - WikipediaIt might also be worth getting in touch with the discovery team Wikimedia Discovery. But their focus will be on the in house search rather than a external product. If you general view is to improve search then becoming a developer working on bug in Phabricator will probably have more long term benefits to the project.Possibly it might be an idea to make a presentation to Wikimania or some other wiki-related conference.
Does 5G technology pose any health risks to our kids? Check this out along with the YouTube video posted below it, http://www.bioinitiative.org/how-wireless-technologies-may-affect-childhood-development/.
We do not have scientific proof that electromagnetic radiation could be harmful. However we know that the higher the frequency, the more “energetic” are the radio waves. Knowing that 5G will work at around 10GHz, 28GHz and 60GHz frequency bands (compare with Wifi at 2.4GHz, GSM at 900MHz and FM radio at 100MHz), if radio waves are proven to be harmful, 5G might be more dangerous. However the higher frequencies don't penetrate the human body easily, so they would'nt have that much effect.5G will use beamforming: the masts will focus the signal to the mobile phones and the mobile phones will focus their signal to the masts so the overall transmit powers will be kept very low.