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I forgot to fill the final registration form of AIIMS 2022 for UG course. What should I do?
Dear Applicant, Itu2019s your good luck!!!AIIMS has reopened the facility of generation of code and final registration for students who have completed their basic registration. Students are advised to complete registration process for AIIMS MBBS 2022 before due date.AIIMS MBBS Reopening - 19th March 2019AIIMS MBBS Generation of Code & Final Registration last date - 25th March 2019Complete AIIMS Registration 2022 here - AIIMS LoginThanks!
How do I fill out the ICSI registration form?
Online Registration for CS Foundation | Executive | ProfessionalCheck this site
How do I fill codes in the NEET UG 2022 registration form?
Qualifying codes are quite dubious for the students who are registering for NEET examination 2022. Such codes are confusing for the students, the codes look similar but you have to understand the fine differences.Code 1This code is applicable for the candidates who are appearing for board examination ie, class 12 along with taking NEET exam. The students have to qualify the board examination with the required percentage.Code 2This code is for the single year drop out. The student should have already qualified the higher secondary examination. The major subjects are Chemistry, Physics, Biology or Biotechnology, and Maths or any other optional along with English in their board examinations.The students of the open school ie, NIOS or the private school candidates are not eligible for the examination. This code is used for those students who are from CBSE or ICSE board.Code 3This code is used for those students who are appearing for the NEET examination other than these two boards of education. This code is especially for those who are from the state board of education.Code 4This code is used for those students who have enrolled themselves in any kind of pre-professional or pre-medical courses in any degree course colleges or medical colleges. If a student has enrolled for BSc in Zoology, he/she can write this qualifying code. So this code is for those who have enrolled in any degree course but still preparing for NEET examination.Code 5This code is used for those students who have enrolled themselves for any degree courses of three years and studying in the first year of the course. So it is for those candidates who are pursuing the college degree.Code 6This code is used for those students who have already completed the degree courses.Code 7This code is only for those students who are pursuing their education from any foreign boards of education. So this code is for the NRI students.
I forgot to fill the final registration form of AIIMS 2022. What should I do?
What Should I do? u2022 Start preparing to appear next year.I don't know how could you forget such an important thing, maybe you had some more important things to take care of but now my friend, we can't do anything.Still if you want to try you can email the concerned authorities and wait for their reply. It's the only thing i can suggest you right now.Please don't repeat such things again in your life .
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