Are dating verification sites real or a scam? Some ask to fill out bank details on an unknown site.
Yes they are scams. There is a new wave of smash and grab dating scams where they pose either as a local nymphomaniac or very respectable woman in order to use one of these sites and get you to hand over your credit card details.I’ve posted about this elsewhere on on Quora I’ve been approached with this gig at least 6 times this year
How can I find my employee number while filling out online bank account details?
When you show interest for opening account in our bank that particular area branch will get message regarding that so they will contact you
How do I fill out the SSB details in the AFCAT form?
Just write whatever is asked for. You may not be able to mention some special characters like hyphen, slash etc.Its alright, just mention the course number without it (if thats what you are asking)Any other doubt, you can mention in the comments.Hope it helps!
I’m writing a book and I’m trying to work out how I can make my story fill a full length novel. What details should I include and what should I leave out?
Basically, you put your main character in a situation where something bad has happened, and she has to do something she doesn’t want to in order to fix it, with a nice ticking clock and something terrible which will happen if she doesn’t succeed, and you keep throwing shit at her until she learns whatever is necessary to change.If your story won’t fill a novel, it may not have enough content for a full novel and you should think about a novella. Adding in extra bits to make it longer also makes it boring.