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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Sace educator profile form

Instructions and Help about Sace educator profile form

A five minutes before seven here on the program the South African Council of educators has released a report that showed that at least 20 teachers have been teaching using fraudulently acquired qualifications seis has meanwhile pledged that teachers with fraudulent qualifications will be uprooted out of the education system the organization strives to ensure that the education system is enriched by providing properly registered and professionally developed educators well that's just one of the aspects to come out of this report there's a lot more and to shed some light on it we are joined in our studios and I think it's our durban Studios if i'm not mistaken vine say CEO I beg your pardon it's our Pretoria studios by the say CEO Raj Mirage thank you very much for being with us here on our morning live Thank You Lee and good morning to you and to the listeners all right thank you give us a give us a background of this of this particular report I've just highlighted the the teachers that are teaching fortunately but there are so many other aspects of this report as well what areas were looked at lea and the South African Council for educators has a three-fold mandate it has to see to the registration of all educators which is compulsory secondly it has to watch over the professional development of educators and thirdly it has to make sure that edit educators abide by the safe code of ethics so the report that we presented a day or two ago covers all aspects of our operations so it covers all aspects in terms of our mandates which our registration professional conduct and ethical behavior okay so let's talk about one of the findings and one of these findings of course which I said in the introduction showing that about 20 teachers have been teaching with fraudulent qualifications how does something like this actually happen we have discovered that in certain parts of the country they were you that were teaching with fraudulent qualifications and these were brought to our attention by the authorities it is a joint responsibility of the authorities the employers and says to make sure that teachers have authentic qualifications now the council does a verification and vetting process when it receives applications for educators to teach but now it seems that we have to go to a higher level of verification because our procedures are not picking up these fraudulent qualifications so we are now in contact with authorities like the South African qualifications Authority the department's of Education and also the universities so very soon we will have almost an automated system of checking all of the teachers qualifications we will make sure that within a year to all teachers who are teaching in schools will have the qualifications verified and of course when we find that there are educators who have been teaching with fraudulent qualifications there's going to be trouble those teachers.

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