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My name is Elam Kalani I'm responsible for professional development and says together with policy and research the CPTED management system is a system of recognizing all useful professional development in the in the teaching profession we are recognizing professional development by doing three or four different things one approving providers relevant and credible providers who will be offering teacher development programs once those providers are approved the second step is for them to submit there are various teacher development activities to us for us to evaluate them give them endorsements theaters and ultimately allocate a certain number of professional development points to each of the submitted activities and we also need to note that the only size and dust activities will be offered by these approved providers thirdly educators need to participate in these adverse activities and been a pushing to n hydr50 professional development points over a three-year cycle but there are we also need to take into account that we are saying we will be recognizing three different kinds of professional development activities one being your teacher initiated activities where teachers identify their needs for example go and develop their own professional growth plan and two sub an am in a position to address some of those needs for you to change it is like going to a university if you are a principal doing ace in leadership and management on your own without the department forcing you to do it somebody forcing me to do it or identifying a problem and it is cool and we start doing some action research to resolve that particular problem writing an article presenting a paper running a workshop in a in a school environment because principals and deputies by nature of the job description one of the things that they need to do is to make sure that the development support teachers at the school then secondly the school-based or school initiated professional development activities you know schools have called school improvement plans that they develop and one of the things that they need to do is to make sure that out of those school improvement plans they identify the activities that they can in a position to do as a school if for example within a school we have a problem of literacy or we have a problem of numeracy or discipline we might say 10 and Peter's within the school must go through a particular program and in doing so those areas will end as a collective as a ten number of points for school-based or school initiated kind of professional development activities these two types type one and type two do not necessarily have to come to sales we have a booklet with predetermined points that in Kita's can refer to in terms of aiding words and the last one will be your externally initiated activities that is addressing the needs that are coming from the system as a whole for example the department.

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