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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Sace vacancies

Instructions and Help about Sace vacancies

Music introducing the new safe website the look and feel has changed a lot alongside our new branding we've introduced a modern design with a focus to simplify the navigation for our three main users those who are teaching the C's coordinating the seis or studying the sex teaching the say features all the key documents related to teaching is stage 1 or stage 2 subject including subject outlines learning and assessment plans and key dates you can also book into professional learning opportunities and get instructions on how to enroll and result your students in schools online the subject search makes it really easy to access teaching materials and more information about safe subjects to start typing and select a subject name or use the alphabetical list below you can also filter subjects by state to one or two while we've changed the top-level navigation of the website we've left the subject areas alone for now so all your subject resources will be in exactly the same place as before we're aiming to work in collaboration with you to improve the way information was presented in these subject areas in the near future you'll notice on each page our top-line navigation is unchanged so you can easily get back to where you started you can also use the breadcrumbs to step back at any time using the side navigation is a breeze hit the arrow to expand pages under that topic or click the title to go straight to the page coordinating seis has all the information required for a safe coordinator or school leader to support teachers and students throughout the sales program including information on special provisions modified subjects with at and other recognized learning under administration you'll find information sheets forms policies schools online instructions operational key dates and more try our marketing toolkit to promote the sales qualification to your school community studying the sales takes a student on a step by step journey to completing the seis it features subject information tailored for students as well as study tips research advice and the end of your examination content access to our support systems Plato's schools online and students online as well as events in the seis calendar and now just one click away the website footer also appears on every page and has everything you need to know about the safe words role as a state government statutory authority there's one more thing to mention our announcement section new announcements and reminders will pop up regularly on the home page and on the pages they're relevant too so grab your laptop mobile or tablet and dive into the new seis website to get all you need to teach for what Nate will study the South Australian certificate of education seis learning of the pace of.


How much is SACE per year?
All educators must pay a monthly levy of R10. 00. Private institutions are obliged to contribute an annual amount of R120.
How do I register for SACE?
The SACE online registration is facilitated through the SITA e-services portal. Please go to www.eservices.gov.za. Click on the link then Register on the e-gov services. Once registered with the e-gov service, you can then log in to the e-gov portal and select on SACE to begin registering.
What do I need for SACE registration?
a Copy of the qualification certificate AND a copy* of a complete academic record indicating that the qualification has been completed and year of completion is required before full registration and a SACE certificate can be issued. Green barcoded ID book or both side of the smart Id Card.
How much do I pay for SACE registration?
The current registration fee is R200 (S.A. Educators) and R400 (Foreign Educators) must be included either as original postal order, cheque or payment can be made in cash or using the bank card at the office. Educators not paid through persal must pay the annual levy of R120 on application.
How much do you pay for SACE in South Africa?
Requirements for registration also include certified copies of educators' qualification, identity document or marriage certificate in the case of married woman, as well as R200- 00(South Africans), R400-00 (non 13 South Africans) registration fee and R 120 Page 3 3 SACE REGISTRATION annual levy.
How do I register as a teacher in South Africa?
You must register with the South African Council for Educators (SACE)....Complete the application form and submit it to SACE with the following documents. certified copies of your professional diploma(s) and/or degree certificate(s) certified copy of your identity document. registration fee.
Where can I pay SACE registration?
Visit. www.sace.org.za 22 Select payment option, complete the requested details, click on annual membership fee and make payment. Use your ID number as reference for your payment. An EFT payment option is also available for individual educators. Use your ID number as reference for your payment.
How much does SACE registration cost?
R400. 00 SACE annual fees must be up to date.
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