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Sace cptd login page Form: What You Should Know

Password. Step 5. CPD Management System (CMS) ‚ÄĒ The CMS (computer) is mandatory for all administrators to manage their CPD Self Portal. ¬†This CMS software uses an¬†Advanced User Interface, which allows the administrator to enter credentials while the computer is not in ‚Äúsleep mode,‚ÄĚ which allows a user to log in when the system is down. For detailed description Download: CPD Web-based Management System The South African Council for Educational Access (SAME) established the CPD system, in conjunction with CPD South Africa. This web-based site allows all CPD South African educators to manage their accounts, forms and¬†profiles.¬† This¬†CPD Management System (CMS) allows a CPD South African educator to manage their¬†personal profiles,¬†information on other CPD South African educators, CPD South African teacher/pupil¬†profiles,¬†and¬†information¬†on¬†CPD South African CEC and¬†other CADD Member Schools. At present, one is able to register from the CMS. Please ensure your system is up to date with the current information. You can check the information on the CMS page with your¬†CPD Self Portal Account. You will be required to change your email, as the email you registered with is not valid. Please ensure your information is accurate as you will be required with a CPD CEC to verify this on a monthly basis. By registering to CPD CEC in CPD SA, you consent and accept that the CPD CEC and other schools or member schools are not able to share your data without your consent.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Sace cptd login page

Instructions and Help about Sace cptd login page

Click on the points account menu item in this section you'll be able to view the points that you've recorded thus far once you've read through the points allocated we can continue to the next section.

FAQ - Sace cptd login page

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